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Poster Design and Printing

Poster Design and Printing Course

Course learning outcomes

Throughout the program, you’ll get to practice your new skills through hands-on projects. Our projects offer an opportunity to apply social media marketing skills practically, such as:

  • Creating a Facebook or Instagram business page

  • Doing a brand exercise for your business

  • Creating posts on Facebook and Instagram

  • Creating a content calendar

  • Creating a creative brief for your social media ad

  • Building your own full ad campaign in Meta Ads Manager

  • Presenting your campaign results

About this course

Course rewards

Course FAQs

No prior experience or qualifications are required to enroll in this free email marketing course. It is designed as a beginner-friendly course that teaches email marketing concepts from the ground up. Whether you are new to marketing or have some experience, you can learn new skills through this course.


This course is designed for beginners, so no prior email marketing experience is required. The instructors explain all concepts clearly using easy-to-understand language. Real-world examples and use cases are used to explain how email marketing works. You will be able to gradually build your skills and proficiency

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